Good riddance to the bamboo bush!

October 4, 2016

Late last Autumn we finally said good riddance to the bamboo bush: It was a shame to say goodbye to our bamboo bush because we use the bamboo in the garden to support other growing plants and also give it to our neighbours, but it was simply becoming very hard to maintain/tame. So it had to…

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Fitting the ‘runway’ lights

September 29, 2016

I’m visiting my parents for a few weeks and helping them with jobs around the house. There is always something that needs doing. One of the jobs we set out to do in the Spring was to fit lights on the wall surrounding the pool. We dubbed them the ‘runway’ lights quite early on, as during…

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The kitchen in the apartment is ready!

September 6, 2016

For the past few months I’ve been living and working in British Columbia, Canada, and deeply neglecting my blog. My folks have been tirelessly slaving away working on the apartment and sending me photographs that have been building up in my e-mail inbox. Whoops! So what’s new? Well, the biggest news is that we finished the apartment…

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The kitchen is now half-finished!

May 10, 2016

We’ve hit a great milestone with the new kitchen and the end is almost in sight! The last I wrote about it was that we had assembled the metal partition wall and had begun fixing the plasterboard to it. Since then, we’ve put up all the plasterboard, filled, smoothed, and painted over to create one smooth…

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The attic bedroom is finished!

April 29, 2016

We’ve had two projects running side by side over the past few weeks. One is the new kitchen and the other is redecorating the attic bedroom in the apartment. The attic bedroom has been relatively untouched since we bought the house but as part of the apartment project we are giving it a lick of…

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Tidying the garden up a bit

April 27, 2016

We’ve had blue skies and sunshine for the past few days and have been making the absolute most of it outdoors in the garden. This year we decided to clear the corner where the olive tree is and make it into a bit of a veggie patch. We cleared the nettles and the mess, prepared the soil…

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How do you buy a car in Portugal?

April 19, 2016

The news is out: we just bought a Portuguese car! After coming and going to Portugal for the past few years we decided it was finally time to purchase a little car to use for short journeys out and about. The estate is overkill when going to the shops and we really take our life into…

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The latest update after a long, wet winter

April 14, 2016

My parents arrived in Portugal a couple of weeks ago and have since been tidying up the house after a long and wet winter. It will take many weeks just before the house feels straight and homely again but we’re making great progress every day. So where are things at? Algae has grown on the…

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Goodbye England, hello Portugal!

April 12, 2016

At 7am this morning I was on an Easyjet flight out of Gatwick heading towards Porto. I left behind a beautiful morning in England and stepped off the plane into torrential rain and thunder. This is a trip that I have made around this time for the past few years and this must be the…

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Projects 2015: The Table

October 17, 2015

I’ve just got back from an epic 3-week holiday that started on a canal boat in Oxford and ended with a road trip around to Scotland. I’ve driven 2,000 miles in less than a week and I actually feel like I need to take another break to recover from doing so much! I’ll write a…

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Flying high in the Sky Garden

July 22, 2015

Last week we went to the Sky Garden in Coimbra, Central Portugal. We spent about 3 hours climbing trees and flying around on zip lines before having a little wander around the University city of Coimbra. We’ve been there a few times now, so here is a mix of photos of our trip to the…

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Projects 2015: Progress report on the Apartment

July 8, 2015

For the past month we’ve been working every day on the apartment and we’ve made so much progress! The new stairs are in place, the bathroom is completed and the furniture has been slowly arriving. Actually, the only thing left to do is fit the kitchen. The first job was to have the stairs fitted. A huge…

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