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‘When I go to Africa, I’m going to bring…’

Two weeks ago I went on a four-day practice expedition around Calais, France. This time I’m doing the ‘real thing’ and going on a three-week venture around South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. I’ve never done anything like this before in my life and I’ve never lived out of a rucksack for so long. We’re going […]


A Slice of Portugal

Last year Jon and I spent a couple of hours or so walking around the little town of Manteigas. It’s a somewhat remote town up in the Serra da Estrela (Estrela Mountains). If you’re planning on exploring the mountains then Manteigas is an excellent base camp as it is nestled at the heart of the […]


Torre: the highest peak in Portugal

In August 2012 when Jon and I were holidaying in Portugal we decided to go for a little drive. The plan was to go to the picturesque town of Manteigas for a short walk in the Serra da Estrela (Estrela mountains), followed by short half an hour trip to the highest peak in Portugal. Torre, […]