What have my parents been up to since they returned from Portugal?

They have discovered the wonderful world of buying on eBay.

I had to help them out with a few things, such as setting up the accounts for eBay and Paypal and getting that ‘instant payment’ button working. I also needed to explain that when someone said ‘home collection only’ that it was important to see where in the UK they lived before bidding (whoops). It was all easy sailing from there on.

Boxes, boxes, everywhere!

We’ve bought two bikes, two single beds with mattresses and about thirty wall lights off eBay. The lights include: fifteen tiffany lamps, three big lanterns for outside, two big lights for in the atrium, a desk lamp, and an oil lamp. I don’t know why we need an oil lamp but Mum says ‘just incase there’s a power cut’. There’s still twenty more lights that need buying. And then we need fifty light bulbs that we’ve decided we’re going to buy over in Portugal rather than here.

Would anybody like to buy a bird cage (see at the back)?

The courier picks this all up in a few days time and ships this over to Portugal. This courier also picks up other people’s stuff and drops them off on the way, which can sound a little worrying as how does he know what belongs to who?! But we’ve used this courier before and nothing has gone amiss, so far! :)


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