20 bamboo poles for 16 eggs and 3 batches of lettuce

A gift of eggs and lettuce from our neighbours in exchange for 20 bamboo poles

I love the Portuguese people. Ok, maybe I don’t love every single Portuguese person in the whole of Portugal but the local people in our village are fantastic. They’re so warm-hearted and eager to speak with us every time we’re out and about. They don’t speak any English and we’re still working on the language but we get by with sign language and broken Portuguese. And rather than being offended because we don’t speak fluent Portuguese they will happily correct us and have a good laugh when they finally figure out what the heck those crazy English people are on about.

Do you recall that those bamboo poles from earlier (see: ‘Laura and the Bamboo: How to trim Bamboo trees‘)? We needed to get rid of them somehow. A lot of people in the village use them for runner beans so we thought it would be a great idea to offer them as a ‘gift’ to one of our neighbours, Amelia, who spends all day tending to her garden. Although, Amelia doesn’t speak a word of English and trying to convey that we wanted to give the bamboo to her a gift was harder than we thought it would’ve been.

So Amelia shouted over to her neighbour to go and fetch her daughter-in-law who spoke fluent English and lived a few streets up. A few moments later Tabay (spelling not correct!) appeared, along with half the village! Tabay explained to Amelia about the bamboo, to which she was over the moon about. In return, she gave us 16 eggs and 3 batches of lettuce that we weren’t expecting. And half the village marched up the hill to our house to collect the bamboo!

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