A Zillion Photos of the Garden in Spring

Gardening photos after the winter

I was going to post about our plans for the year, but it’s a beautiful day here so I went around the garden and snapped a bunch of photos of the garden.

This photo below is taken looking towards the atrium. The white flags on the ground are where the bamboo bush used to be.

This below is Mum’s little rose garden that she’s cultivating. Roses are her favourite flowers. She’s encouraging the climbing rose to cover the wall one day.

Mum is super impressed with how these flowers are two-toned:

These flowers are supposed to be climbing UP the tree, not out!

This photo below was an area we cleared last summer. It was used previously as a compost patch and looked a bit of a mess, so we cleared it and marked the border with large stones. We’ve got a lime tree in there, a trumpet plant, a few roses, a lupin and a few other things. They’ve got a long way to go but it’s a big change from last year.

This is how it used to look:

This here is another area that we’re working on. It used to be completely overgrown but we’ve recently cleared it and are thinking about what to plant. Hmm!

Last Autumn we had our fruit trees all pruned and for a few months they will look like an absolute mess, but they’ll spring back in no time. There’s Mum watering her rose garden and Scrappy keeping her company. It’s just another day in Portugal! 

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