About Us

Hello! My name is Laura. I’m in my late twenties and am currently living abroad in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I’m originally from England and I write this blog for my parents.

My parents, Sue and Rob, live in the Viseu region of Central Portugal for most of the summer and back in England for the rest of the time.

In August 2011 they bought a house that needed some love and a bit of renovation but they only began working on it when they retired in early 2013.

I began this blog as I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to photograph and document their journey and share it with friends and family.

In the beginning my only readers were my parents, my brother, and my partner at the time, Jon. After a few months of blogging I started getting ‘fan mail’ from random people from all around the world who were inspired by my parent’s move to Portugal and were also thinking of doing the same thing.

Now I get over a thousand real visitors a month and I’m still getting the fan mail, which is simply incredible!

So this is my family. On the left is Alex, my brother, and my parents, Sue and Rob, and me at the front. The border collie on the left is Moses (who sadly isn’t with us anymore) and the other border is Poppy. The cocker spaniel is Scrappy, who is a complete nuisance and I will sell to a good home for a good price (only joking!). You can read more about our dogs here.

If you would like to getting in touch then you can contact me at [email protected] or you can also find me on Facebook. I would love to hear your stories about life in Portugal and answer any questions you have.