And it’s all gone…!

Last Friday was the pick-up day! We’ve had an exceptionally busy week as we’ve been trying to get everything ready for collection by the courier to take over to Portugal. So in the afternoon this van turned up to take away nearly the entire contents of our garage!

photo (45)
Poppy is trying to make her great escape by hiding under the table.
photo (44)
My parents were under instructions (from me) to take lots of photos for this blog post as I wasn’t around at the time. The guys don’t seem too fussed by this!

It all went very well! Everything was already sealed into boxes so all they needed to do was load it into the van. It couldn’t have been simplier! Our stuff is going over with other people’s stuff so we got a much cheaper rate than hogging a whole HGV to ourselves. We only pay for the space that we take up so it doesn’t cost the world.

photo (43)
Mr Muscle doesn’t look very pleased here – maybe because it looked like he was doing all the hard work!

Now they just need to unload it all again at the depot, reload it into an overseas HGV and off they go. Thanks guys!

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