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I survived three weeks sleeping in a tent in Africa and now I’m back in sunny ol’ England. What an experience! Here are some of the things I got up to:

  • Visited three countries (South Africa, Swaziland, and Mozambique) in three weeks
  • Saw four of the ‘big five’ in the wild (lion, buffalo, elephant, and black rhino)
  • Walked approximately 65km on sand for my 4-day expedition in Mozambique


  • Held a tarantula (and I’m petrified of spiders). I spent the next half an hour visibly shaking.


  • Stroked a grumpy cheetah and quickly realised that I was below a cheetah on the food chain. The cheetah tried to bite and swipe other people in the group so I was bricking it when it came to my turn to ‘stroke’ the cuddly cheetah


  • Fought off a hungry monkey (which later came into my tent and stole some bread!)


  • Got (playfully) attacked by Swazi orphans with balls from a ball pool. There are no photos of this unfortunately!


  • Successfully did not freak out when a scorpion crawled up my leg
  • Lead a Swazi dance
  • Tried to lick a fish at Kosi Bay

  • Ordered lunch for my group in Portuguese whilst in Mozambique and they actually understood me (!)


  • I was lucky enough to see a lion, a black rhino and a cheetah (not the same as the one I stroked) in the wild (I have a ridiculous amount of photos of animals so I’ll save those for another blog post!)
  • Bought an amazing African mask. Mine is on the top right of the table in this photo


  • Saw many humpback whales and spinning dolphins whilst on an ocean safari off the coast of Mozambique. There are no photos of this because I left my camera behind on purpose. Everyone single one of us got completely drenched so I made the right decision!
  • Lastly, I skinned a warthog and breathed air into the lungs to blow them up. I have a few photos of the dissection but my hands got bloody quickly so the camera went away. Here’s a disclaimer: the photos are unpleasant and show a warthog being dismembered so please ONLY click the links ‘at your own risk’. Warthog – Head – Skinning – Lungs. The meat on the hog was taken to the kitchen and the rest of it was buried. It was culled as humanely as possible with a shot to the head and treated with respect.

There’s so much more that I got up and so many things I saw but I’ll save those for another time. In the meantime, here’s a funny photo taken at the South Africa-Mozambique border:


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