Before and After: Come and have a look around My Home in Portugal!

The front door once we cut back all the overgrown greenery

I started writing this post a few days ago but it quickly evolved into an extremely long post that needed splitting. I’ll explain why. We’ve got twenty-two rooms (including bathrooms) that need decorating and furnishing. That’s up to forty-four before and after photos. It’s going to be a mammoth task just to go through photographs and write up each room, but Mum has quite happily taken it on herself to furnish it so I think she’s the one who has her work cut out for her. That’s why this post became a mega post and needed splitting. Anyway…


This is our front door. Well, I tell a lie, we actually have four front doors but we’ve only figured out how to open one. This photo was taken on Day One. We were given a set of keys to the property and had no idea what key did what or went where, but we eventually found this door behind a 3-metre wall of creeper plants. I’m really not kidding – the plants climbed up the left pillar and climbed down the right pillar and filled the gap in between.

Our home in Portugal is a renovated period town house. I would draw you blue prints but I really doubt that anyone other than a burglar would appreciate that. It’s a big house and it’s split into two very distinctive parts: the old and the new. The old, or, original part of the house is on the right as you go through this door. Lets go and have a look.

Once you are through this door this is what you’ll see, or would’ve seen! This is our atrium, where the old and the new join. The atrium has a tin roof (what were they thinking?) and no guttering (what were they thinking?!), so when the rain really comes down we have to have four buckets lined up. We’ve partially resolved that by replacing a broken tile but the leaks still occur during very bad weather. Dad also fell off the roof when repairing it but we won’t talk about that.

Do you see the glass window with the scary looking bars? That’s where the ‘The War on the Pigeons‘ took place, and it is still very much an ongoing war. The atrium area didn’t need a lot doing to it – we just put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, swept up and added some furniture.

I’ll show you around the old part of the house first as that is where we are going to renovate and re-purpose things. So imagine that you’re standing at the bottom of the stairs ahead of you, and turn around to face the door you came through. This is what you’ll see today:


Mum wanted me to add that the house is still very much in-progress. A lot of the furniture still hasn’t found its home and she’s got so many more plans for the future. Half of the house is still missing light bulbs.

Scrappy dog is leading the way for us. This door goes into the old part of the house, where they kept the livestock animals with a wine making press in the room on the left. We call this room ‘The Castle Room’ because the door is so huge and there’s a big open fireplace, just like living in a castle!

But this post is already too long, so you’ll have to wait for the follow-up pics. :)


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