Cleaning the pool

And so it begins! Over the next couple of weeks the pool is getting a brand new facelift. It is going to take a lot of work. On the 20th May 2013 the paint for the pool will arrive so the pool was prepped today. First we began by subjecting the pool to the pressure washer and oh boy, it really needed it!


After pressure washing the pool floor we essentially ‘plugged the plug’ and let the remainder of the water drain away. Whatever was left behind we mopped up the old fashioned way with a mop and bucket.


Painting the pool is going to be the real job. There’s 90 square metres of pool to paint. One coat will be to cover the ‘gaps’, followed by two more coats to finish. So we need enough paint for 270 square metres. And we’ve also got that hole to fill, which turned out to be more like three or four holes. I’ll go into more depth later for those interested.

Mum has told me that she’s going to put me down there for the week with a bed and a ‘potty’ (her words) and I can only come back up when the job is done. Thanks Mum. So when I arrived on the 21st May 2013 I moved into my new accommodation. I’ve got my little bed and a little pillow and everything I need. Not bad accommodation for the next week. If I need a drink then I just should ‘help! help!’ and Mum brings me a drink when she gets round to it. Oh boy.

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