Dad and the Scaffolding (Don’t try this at home)

On both the side and the front of the house there are cracks that need filling prior to painting. But how do we reach them? Mum’s idea was hanging out the side of the bedroom window and hoping that you wouldn’t fall. We actually measured our arm lengths to see who had the longest reach, but that won’t work for the furtherest away cracks and it sounded pretty dangerous. So we asked around the village and it turns out that one of our neighbours – Gonçalo – has some scaffolding that he could lend us.

Do you see that little horizontal crack next to the bedroom window? That’s our target. How hard can it be to put the scaffolding up? For those that know the ins and outs of scaffolding these pictures are probably making you wince – sorry! Dad said that it would only take about half an hour but 2 hours later we were still at it (albeit, we *did* stop for lunch halfway).

Both Mum and I were pretty sceptical about it (as you can see from the photo). It was a bit of a learning curve as some of the ends didn’t quite fit as they should’ve done and other bits were slightly broken but we managed it. As well as that, we put the cross bars in the wrong place and had the scaffolding ladders on the wrong side… but, we figured that it was probably best if we had a ‘practice’ exercise at the side of the house prior to the painting the front as then we would be out of the public eye and it would be less embarrassing. O Ingles estuipdo, they’ll say.

In retrospect, I would’ve just hung out of the window and hoped for the best.

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    • Jon Peacock
    • May 28, 2013

    If I was there I could've reached the crack for you! Maybe next time…

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