Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Pigeon eggs

For those new to my blog you might not be aware of our ongoing war against a family of pigeons that have taken up roost in our BBQ area. I have heard pigeons being described as ‘rats with wings’ and in this case, that is an accurate description. They are messy, intrusive, smelly and a down right nuisance. This ‘war’ has been going on for over a year now, as we have tried setting the dogs on them, throwing things ‘near’ them, clapping at them and even firing at them with a Nerf gun but they have not once relented.

One of our latest tactics was to poison them. I’m quite sorry to say that (I’m not really!), but we placed a saucer of poison alongside some bird feed near their roost. Needless to say, they ate the bird feed and left the poison. Bloody birds.

So our latest plan is to buy a huge bit of sheeting and block their route into the BBQ area. This will give us a chance to clean up the pigeon poop and fit some lighting in there. Here’s Dad putting it up:


The idea behind this is that it will deter them from roosting here and they’ll move into someone else’s BBQ area. Fingers crossed that this’ll work!

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