Does anybody fancy a paddle?

Today is a big day! We’ve estimated that it will take between 35 and 40 hours to fill the pool, so the next two days are actually big days! The original plan was to have the bombeiros (fire fighters) fill the pool for us, but we’ve been reliably informed by our neighbour Gonçalo that they will tend to only fill pools in the winter when the water supply is ample (see ‘Final coat finished‘). This makes sense really and is something that we will learn from.

At the moment we’re using our well water to fill it (see ‘Laura down the Well (poço)‘). As that post mentions, well water isn’t infinite and relies entirely on the water table and the speed of recovery of the well depth.

I might’ve got a bit too excited and jumped in with all my clothes on. Poppy was going mad and started barking at me, silly girl. I think she was on the verge on diving in herself but she’s not the strongest swimmer (she has a tendency just to sink). We’re half way there now but we’ve discovered a new problem: there’s a HOLE in one of the pipes. Goodness knows how that happened. Fortunately the pipe is currently much higher than the water level so we can still fill the pool. We’re going to let the pipe dry off and then smother it with PVA glue, which is supposed to be a good fix. More to follow on the pipe!

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