Easter Time in Portugal (2015)

Easter is a time for huge celebrations in Portugal and that is certainly true in the village where my parents live. On Good Friday there were loud bangers (like fireworks but without the prettiness) going off from early morning until very late at night. Poppy parked herself in her favourite position under the kitchen table and considered leaving the country, the poor girl. Scraps was quite happy to continue sunbathing outside all day – he’s mostly deaf.

It was at around 11pm on Good Friday when my parents were woken up the sound of a band playing. They looked out of the window and saw what must have been nearly 300 people carrying lanterns through the street in a procession. There must have been three different bands all playing together in the procession. I’d find that quite eerie but my folks said that it was an incredible sight!

By Easter Sunday the bangers or ‘grenades’, as Mum started calling them, were fairly constant all day. One of our friends described it as ‘World War 3’. I’d hate to be a shift worker working nights over Easter in Portugal!

Despite the racket outside, Easter really is a time for being close to family and friends. Several of our neighbours came by and dropped off Easter gifts. Mum has been making lemon meringue pie in return, with the abundance of lemons we have. Here are some snaps of the gifts we received and promptly ate!

I hope you all enjoyed Easter, if you celebrate it. Next week I’m going to write about the five big projects that my parents have planned this year. They’re going to be super busy but it means that I’ll have plenty to write about! Until then, Feliz Páscoa!

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    • Sue Peacock
    • April 14, 2015

    How lovely – except for the bangers!

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