Final coat finished!

And we’re done! The pool is finished! It took hours of sweeping, hours of painting, and then a day of waiting for the first coat to dry and the cement work on the hole to set before putting another coat on. But we made it. Yes, we made it!

But oh wait, doesn’t a pool need water? Whoops! Only a minor oversight. Filling the pool will be a job for later in the week as now we’ve moved onto other projects around the house. In this village, the bombeiros (fire men) will fill up pools for a small contribution so we’ll need to speak to them to schedule that and it might take more than one of their tankers. It cost us nearly €500 to fill it last year, so we’re not complaining in the slightest.

The bombeiros are all volunteers and only expect a small sum of euros for filling the pool. And considering that they voluntarily put their lives on the line each time a forest fire threatens to take lives and ruin livelihoods, I salute them! Last year was particularly devastating, as the fires across Portugal killed many people and hundreds of thousands of acres of land were left charred.


Here’s a photo from a previous post. What a transformation! It just shows what a lick of paint can do. This is how it used to be: Cleaning the pool.

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