Fitting the ‘runway’ lights

The new runway lights fitted

I’m visiting my parents for a few weeks and helping them with jobs around the house. There is always something that needs doing.

One of the jobs we set out to do in the Spring was to fit lights on the wall surrounding the pool. We dubbed them the ‘runway’ lights quite early on, as during forest fires the helicopters with the bambi buckets go straight over our house. Mum has always said that they’ll scoop up the water in our pool one day and so need runway lights to guide them in. Of course, that’s only a joke…

We fitted three of lights on the far right wall a few years ago and had planned to do the rest of the wall:

Unfortunately Dad’s 40-year-old power drill finally broke when we started this in the Spring and he wanted to source a replacement part for it rather than buy a new one. Perhaps unsurprisingly, after 40 years the model and parts no longer existed, so he relented and bought a new one.

Being the lovely parents that they are, they put the job on hold for several months until I came back from working the summer in Canada. The fitting of the runway lights was definitely well overdue by then! So true! So the other day we were out in 35 degrees getting the job done. It wasn’t a massive task but it did take all day because we had to climb up and down walls and run cables.

We’re feeling pretty achy now but it was definitely worth the hard work:


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