Flying high in the Sky Garden

Laura, Jon and Alex at the Sky Gardens

Last week we went to the Sky Garden in Coimbra, Central Portugal. We spent about 3 hours climbing trees and flying around on zip lines before having a little wander around the University city of Coimbra. We’ve been there a few times now, so here is a mix of photos of our trip to the Sky Garden.

In this photo, it’s me (Laura), Jon (my lovely guy) and Alex (my bro). I should add that Jon is a giant man and we’re not tiny people!


Here is Alex on one of the higher up courses:IMG_7335

IMG_7431The park had five main courses, which got higher and harder as we progressed. Once we had finished these courses we were let loose on the 260m long zipline and a 13m ‘free-fall’ jump.

The zipline was fantastic and had incredible views of Coimbra and the Mondego river as you ziplined past. I wasn’t brave enough (read: stupid enough) to hold my phone out and take a picture as I went past but it was a gorgeous view. Here’s the zipline and a video of Alex on it:

And here’s the 13m fall, which has a mechanism that gently catches you before hitting the floor.


Here’s me on the 13m jump:

After our trip to the Sky Garden we had some lunch. The waiter made the ‘mistake’ of asking the boys how large they’d like their beers…


After lunch we had an hour before our train left so we went for a wander around the University. Alex loves taking photos. Here are a selection of around the University:IMG_7526 IMG_7523


IMG_7450It was quickly time to get the train back to home. The day after this we were set to go kayaking 25km down the Mondego River so we needed to get our energy back.

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