Goodbye England, hello Portugal!

Looking out of the plane window on an easyJet plane

At 7am this morning I was on an Easyjet flight out of Gatwick heading towards Porto. I left behind a beautiful morning in England and stepped off the plane into torrential rain and thunder. This is a trip that I have made around this time for the past few years and this must be the first time I have had the waterproofs at the ready. What is going on here?!

I’m staying with my parents, Rob and Sue, for the next two months and I’ve got a huge ‘To-Do List’, comprised of both indoor and outdoor jobs. For now the indoor jobs are the main focus due to the weather, which in someways is a blessing because who wants to work when it’s a sunny day outside? I will detail our plans over the next few days, but it’s mostly oriented around the new apartment as we are fitting a new kitchen in there from scratch. Stay tuned :)


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