How did we come to buy our home in Portugal?

It’s a long story but I’ll give you the shortened version (for now!).

If you ask my parents this question then they will tell you that the dream came into the pipe works when I was only five years old. If you ask me the same question then I’ll tell you that it all began in Tuscany, Italy, in 2008 when we went on our last holiday as a family before my brother and I were shipped off to university.

Tuscany 2008

So you might be wondering ‘what does Italy have to do with Portugal?’ Well, the original plan was to buy a property and live there, in Italy. We were staying in a villa at the foot of Mount Pania Secca (1, 711m). It was the most incredible place. Wouldn’t you agree?

Laura agrees!

One evening and about half way through our holiday (we were staying there for two weeks) and after quite a bit to drink, my parents burst out with: ‘what would you think about living here for part of the year?’

My reaction was: Hey, what?! I definitely wasn’t expecting that! Hell yes!

My parents have always dreamt of buying a property abroad, like many other people, and with my brother and I moving out they were in the position to do so. They didn’t have an exact idea of where they wanted to live, except that it needed to be much warmer than England and ‘feel like home’. It took them 3 years, 3 countries and about 70 property views until they found their dream home in Portugal.

Where it all started. Cheers!
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