I miss you, Portugal!

I just spent nearly an hour of my life watching an American guy go through a step-by-step process on making a table from a tree. He started by going to a furniture shop and saying “this table is way over priced. Oh, I know! I’ll just make my own” and then he warps back to his fully-functioning work shop and gets to it. It’s day time TV at it’s best but I will admit that I was on the edge of my seat throughout the show and hanging on every detail. Yepp, I should’ve been born a man.

Every day can’t be a Portugal day and maybe I should actually do some work today. But first:

I’ve set up a Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for this website so you can catch up with blog posts that way if that’s your thing. I tried to work out a fancy way of putting links to the sites in this post but completely failed, so you’ve just got bog standard links. Alternatively, just click Facebook and Twitter links on the right hand sidebar. Take a look:



And if you don’t want to bother with those links then here’s a picture of Poppy trying to push me into the pool for your amusement:

I’m pretty sure that someone slipped her a sneaky doggie treat to do this! She might look all cute and cuddly but she knows exactly what she is doing.

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