Inside was a different story

Inside was a bit unloved as well. This photo is of the hallway coming from the kitchen area (you can see the red and white tiles) and into the main house. You can actually see the cobwebs!

This is the ‘Summer Sitting Room’, which is in the oldest part of the house. It had a bad case of wood worm. It was all over the floors and in the banisters as well. The only thing to do was fumigate the house and wait for the result.


This photo here is of the ‘castle room’ or the ‘Winter Sitting Room’. This room is directly below the room with the wood worm, so we had lots of dust that collected neatly on the floor. In May 2013 we are now using this room as a living room and every night we have a big fire.

These last two photos are where, because of the lack of guttering, dampness has formed in the wall and the concrete has weeped and made a mess on the floor.

When the house was built they neglected to put guttering around the roofs, which over time resulted in quite an ugly bit of dampness in specific places around the house. Nothing a bit of guttering, a dry spell and some paint wouldn’t solve, but that was the 154th job on the list.

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