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Good riddance to the bamboo bush!

Late last Autumn we finally said good riddance to the bamboo bush: It was a shame to say goodbye because we use the bamboo in the garden to support other growing plants and also give it to our neighbours, but it was simply becoming very hard to maintain/tame. So it had to go! In its place […]


Fitting the ‘runway’ lights

I’m visiting my parents for a few weeks and helping them with jobs around the house. There is always something that needs doing. One of the jobs we set out to do in the Spring was to fit lights on the wall surrounding the pool. We dubbed them the ‘runway’ lights quite early on, as during […]


Projects 2015: The Table

I’ve just got back from an epic 3-week holiday that started on a canal boat in Oxford and ended with a road trip around to Scotland. I’ve driven 2,000 miles in less than a week and I actually feel like I need to take another break to recover from doing so much! I’ll write a […]


Projects 2015: The Apartment

By far the most ambitious project that we are undertaking this year is to convert the older part of the house into a self-contained apartment. This apartment will be used by visiting friends and family and we may even consider letting it out when it’s finished. The gist of the plan is that we will block […]


Projects 2015: The Fish Pond

The fish pond in place

A few weeks ago I told you all about the five projects that we have planned for the year and that one of those projects was that we were going to cut down the bamboo tree and put a fish pond with a fountain in its place. We thought long and hard about the plan and […]


5 Projects That We Have Planned For 2015

Looking back on last year I feel that we did a lot of small rather than big projects around the house, such as fitting the new wood burner and giving the pool room a face-lift. We did a lot of painting last year—and I mean a lot of painting. We did have to put a brand new roof on […]