The kitchen is now half-finished!

Almost finished painting the kitchen

We’ve hit a great milestone with the new kitchen and the end is almost in sight!

The last I wrote about it was that we had assembled the metal partition wall and had begun fixing the plasterboard to it. Since then, we’ve put up all the plasterboard, filled, smoothed, and painted over to create one smooth wall.

The electrics and plumbing side of things are well on their way too. Most of our kitchen units have also arrived but we still need to order cupboard doors and the granite work top.

Here are pics from day one up to the current day.

2016-04-12 18.36.55

This is nearly the final position of the units. Cupboard doors and granite worktop next! It won’t be a swanky kitchen but we’ve designed it so that it can be easily upgraded in the future. We are well on our way!

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    • Emma
    • May 12, 2016

    Hi Laura,

    You guys are doing a splendid job, we really have to come on holiday and finally see the house! Have a great Spring weekend in PT. x

      • Laura
      • May 16, 2016

      Hi Emma! You should definitely come and visit during the winter time in Oz. We'll have the apartment finished soon, so you can have your own space. You can check out the mountains here, go kayaking and rock climbing with the kids, or just swim all day! :)

    • Simmon Janiss
    • September 30, 2016

    Like your kitchen's theme the most. I know beautiful work takes time, efforts and a lots of patience, and it seems in your renovating work too!! You had applied a great milestone in your kitchen, even I am thinking to implement some of your ideas for my place's renovation. Keep updating such useful tips with us :)

    • Sam
    • October 6, 2016

    Looks like a really good job so far! I tried to build my own kitchen once and it failed spectacularly…left it to the professionals!

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