Latest on the pool: It’s OK! Cancel the frogs and the fish, please!

It’s been two days since the chemicals were added to the pool and the pool has gone from green to clear. Yippy! So cancel the frogs, the fish and the ducks because we have a swimming pool, not an ecological pond (thanks a lot, Gonçalo)!


We were absolutely right about what had happened. The well water was super high in copper and iron and when it mixed with the pool chemicals a chemical reaction occurred. The way to resolve it was to allow the metals to settle and sink to the bottom and then, first thing in the morning, use the pool hoover to suck up the yuk. The amount of metal that we had floating around was outrageous.

<— You can see from this photo the divide between the nice blue pool floor and the yukky green metal.

Now we’ve got a new issue. As a result of this crazy chemical reaction the pH is still too low and the chlorine is non-existant. And I haven’t even got round to mentioning the leak in one of the pipes… Anyway: we’re back from green to blue!

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