Laura and the Bamboo: How to Trim Bamboo Trees

In the garden we have a very shaggy looking bamboo grove. It needed a prune, desperately. But where to begin?

One thing that I learnt about bamboo trees is that you have to try really hard to kill them. For instance, even if I took a chainsaw to every single one of those poles it would still grow back. I mean it, until you rip out every last shred of bamboo out of the ground it will come back to life. I’ve read that bamboo can grow a foot a day or so, and it’s true. I’ve seen it. Bamboo is a kind of grass and it’s just as relentless – I spent two days wrestling with the bamboo grove and after cutting loads down more were sprouting up! Maybe that’s why my parents didn’t mind me going too mad on the bamboo…

Anyway! What I used was a gardening saw to cut them back. Maybe I should’ve just ridden over the grove with a lawn mower. But I cut them on a diagonal angle and aimed to cut the ones that were the thickest as they were the oldest. There were several ‘clusters’ of bamboo poles so I tried to even things out by having only four or five poles per square metre. I cut back poles that particularly close together as well. That was the plan, anyway. I got a bit unenthusiastic as I got closer to the centre of the grove and in the end I was selectively choosing the poles that were the largest – as they were the ones that contributed to the insane hairstyle.

By the time that I finished we had about 30 poles of bamboo. Bamboo can be used for hundreds of things – just Google it. But, I honestly don’t think I made any difference at all… *sigh* At least the path is clear now!

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