Laura’s leaving Portugal: Adeus, adeus!

Well, I’m off! Ka-put! Off I go! I’ve spent the last three weeks freeloading off my parents and now it is time to go back to England and to pretending to be an adult (ha!).

One of our neighbours, Gonçalo, knew that I was leaving and gave me a farewell gift:

Mmm! They’re meringue cakes from a sweet shop in Viseu, which is nearly an hour away. I really wasn’t expecting a gift and I was very touched – what did I do to deserve it? But it made me realise one thing. I’ve been coming and going from Portugal from the last five or six years and this was the first time that I have really invested myself in the language and culture. I’ve always seen it as a place to go on holiday and to see the parents, but this time I feel like I’ve made some friends here and that I’m leaving my second home.

My parents kindly drove me to Porto Airport (also known as Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport or ‘Oporto’), put me on an Easyjet flight and bid me farewell (and then toodled off to Porto’s Ikea for a shopping trip). After an uneventful two hours I arrived at London Gatwick, navigated to the South Terminal and jumped on a train. The whole time I was quietly grumbling to myself about how loud and obnoxious some people are! The photo on the left isn’t my flight (well, I’d hope not as it is about to take off without me!) but it was taken from  Gatwick Airport Bridge.

There’s no place quite like home. It’s good to be back, especially to be back to my Jon who left work early so he could sneakily retrieve some red roses and a bottle of red allll for me! Mmmm!

And if anyone was wondering, the cakes were delicious! :)

UPDATE: A few of you have messaged me to ask if there will be anymore blog posts because I have left. Rest assured that on the last few days I ran around the house like a maniac taking photos so there’s plenty of blog posts to come. Don’t forget that I left my parents behind as well and they’ve promised to take photos for me :)


About Laura

About Laura

Laura Bailey is the owner of My Home in Portugal and has been blogging since 2013.

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About Laura

About Laura

Laura Bailey is the owner of My Home in Portugal and has been blogging since 2013.

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