The Kitchen

This is the kitchen (just incase it wasn’t obvious). No boiler (what did we expect?), no hobs, no cooker, no cupboards, no plug sockets! It was completely bare.

This photo was taken on the very first day we arrived at the house in August 2011 – before we had even taken a cloth to the tiles; you can see the dust and grim that has built up over the years.


In contrast, this photo was taken today (24th May 2013). Things have changed a bit, haven’t they? It is still a work-in-progress but we’ve gone from ‘camping’ to actually living there. Mum wanted me to point out that she didn’t have enough time to clean the kitchen before I took the photo and so don’t judge! The cupboards and white doors beneath the sink are from Ikea. The cooker and washing machine are Indesits.


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