Lunch with the Fidalgo Family

My parents recently had the Fidalgo family around for lunch. Do you remember the article about how we swapped 20 bamboo poles for 16 eggs and 3 batches of lettuce? Amelia has quickly become a good friend and on a weekly basis supplies my parents with all sorts of amazing foods from her garden, including tomatoes, peppers, grapes, cucumbers, cauliflower, potatoes and lettuce. We will frequently get a whole plastic bag full of grapes!

photo (52) copy

So the other week we invited Amelia and her extended family over for lunch…

Only a few of them speak English, so it was a fun afternoon of translation and mistranslation and food. And wine! They brought some home made wine so we did a bit of ‘wine tasting’ as well.

photo (51)

Followed by some fun in the pool! Poppy popped the pool ball, the silly girl! photo (49)

Until next time!

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