My rainy first day as a Wwoofer

I’m still alive! I haven’t been sold into the Portuguese slave trade – yet!

For the first two or three days it rained here in Portugal so we didn’t have a lot to do. When it stopped raining for a bit, Alfredo, my host, showed us around his land, which is about 37 acres in size! Here’s a photo of Alfredo with his Estrela mountain dog (cross with a German Shepherd) called Zofa. The building to the left is his B&B business and on the right is his home. He also has his own lake, which you’ll get to see in a later post.


As the first couple of days were so wet we were limited on what we could do. So we used our initiative and decided to make some Portuguese marmalade using baels. I think that they’re called golden apples in the UK but I’m not sure. But then we realised that we didn’t have enough sugar so instead we decided to make bael mousse! We picked them during the non-rainy intervals with the help of Teyzina (I’ve almost definitely spelt that wrong).

IMG_1914We then cored the apples, washed them and popped them on the heat.


After about an hour of boiling they became all mushy, so the next thing to do was sieve the mush back into the pan. This took quite a while but eventually it turns into a jelly. In the meantime we whisked some egg white and added it to the jelly once it has cooled down.

IMG_1933It was then popped into the fridge to be eaten for dessert. Mmm! It was delicious!


I’m going through many photos and I’ve already got so many stories to tell, so stay tuned :)

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