Our friends in the village know that we’re back

I love the Portuguese!

More and more recently I have caught myself wishing that I lived in Portugal permanently. Despite their economy being a whole lot worse than ours, they are an extremely happy and chilled nation. I’m talking about the Portuguese in the countryside who live off their veggie patches, drive 30 year old cars that aren’t actually legal (I don’t condone that for one second!), make only enough money to survive from their grapes and olives and see their extended family every Sunday. They haven’t got all the money in the world but they know what is important in life and they’re so happy.

The reason that I am going on about this is because of our neighbours in Portugal. They have always been so kind to us and are always giving us fruit and veg and we talk to them every day. I was going to make the comparison with the UK and say that so many people there don’t even know their neighbours names and have never had a conversation with them but that isn’t true for my folks – their neighbours in the UK are really cool people and we all get along very well. I live in a flat and I haven’t had a conversation with my neighbours in two years and I think that this is probably a fair representation for the majority of people living in towns and cities in the UK.

But our Portuguese neighbours are just constantly fantastic people and this is one of the main reasons that I love Portugal so much:


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