Projects 2015: Progress report on the Apartment

For the past month we’ve been working every day on the apartment and we’ve made so much progress! The new stairs are in place, the bathroom is completed and the furniture has been slowly arriving. Actually, the only thing left to do is fit the kitchen.

The first job was to have the stairs fitted. A huge hole was cut in the upstairs floor, a supporting beam was put in and next was the stairs! The stairs were custom made by the village carpenter.

Stairs 12Stairs 10Stairs 3 IMG_7284Stairs 6

The stairs are fantastic and we’re very happy with them.

The bathroom was next on our list. We had the back door blocked in and the one that leads into the main house. In the photo below the cardboard on the floor represents the shower cubical, the toilet and the sink basin. The floor had to be raised to accommodate the waste pipes.

photo 3 photo 3 copyIMG_7293

Whilst the bathroom was being fitted, we also had a solar panel installed. It has the best view of the village! The pressure cylinder has been hooked up to the main house, so we now have solar powered showers and hot water. The cylinder sits at a comfortable 60c, even on the cloudy days.

IMG_7294 IMG_7295

Once the bathroom and stairs were complete, we decided to focus on furnishing the living room. Here are a couple of before and after shots:

IMG_7287IMG_7290 IMG_7288The decorative fan above the fireplace is a gift from Alex’s co-worker that travelled 10, 000km with Alex from South Korea. It has a poem written on it, but don’t ask me what it says! It’s a beautiful addition to the apartment but may soon carry a ‘do not touch’ label.

Everything is coming together in the apartment but there is still plenty to do before it’s ready. The kitchen needs to go in downstairs and we need to paint the second bedroom upstairs.

About Laura

About Laura

Laura Bailey is the owner of My Home in Portugal and has been blogging since 2013.

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About Laura

About Laura

Laura Bailey is the owner of My Home in Portugal and has been blogging since 2013.

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  1. wow your project looks like its coming along fantastically it looks like it has been a ton of hard work
    I like the bathroom

    i bet you must be happy now though

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