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Chicken Festival 2014 (Mega Cabidela!)

A fire truck

This Sunday just gone by was the day of the Chicken Festival 2014! That means that it has been a WHOLE year since the last festival AND since I started my blog – wow! The Chicken Festival is a fundraising event for the local bombeiros (firefighters) of the town Cabanas de Viriato, which is situated in the Viseu […]


The mountains are on fire (again)!

Smoke coming from a forest fire on the Serra da Estrela

Nearly every day a siren will go off in the village. It sounds exactly like an air raid siren and it will ring for several minutes as it calls the volunteer firefighters (bombeiros) to the station. This was on the horizon two days ago. Just like the fires from last year, it made the sky […]


The day of the Chicken Festival (Mega Cabidela!)

One of the old fire trucks at the chicken festival

On the 9th of June 2013 my parents attended a ‘mega cabidela’ festival in the town of Cabanas de Virato, which is the town where the war hero Mendes was born and grew up. It was a charity event for the Bombeiros, who are volunteer firefighters. Unlike in the UK, in Portugal the firefighters have a […]


Fires in Portugal (2012)

A helicopter carrying a bambi bucket of water to put out the fires

In August 2012, when Jon and I were staying at the house for our holiday, large parts of Portugal were ablaze. There were dozens of major forest fires across the whole of Portugal. Hundreds of thousands of acres were left charred, people died trying to protect their land and nearly a thousand of the bombeiros […]