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Flying high in the Sky Garden

Laura, Jon and Alex at the Sky Gardens

Last week we went to the Sky Garden in Coimbra, Central Portugal. We spent about 3 hours climbing trees and flying around on zip lines before having a little wander around the University city of Coimbra. We’ve been there a few times now, so here is a mix of photos of our trip to the […]


Visiting Obidos, Coimbra, Viseu, & Lisbon

My brother posing next to a door in the city

For the last three weeks Alex (my brother) and his girlfriend (at the time) have been visiting from South Korea. I haven’t seen my brother for nearly a year so it was great to catch up! They spent a couple of weeks touring parts of England and spending time with family and friends and then […]


A Day in Coimbra

View of the highway bridge in Coimbra

Since my parents bought their home in Portugal I’ve always wanted to spend a day exploring the city of Coimbra (pronounced Kwim-brah), central Portugal. When Jon came to visit Portugal for a week we caught a train and did just that! Coimbra reminds me of Canterbury, which was where I went to university. The city does […]


Off into the mountains I go

A town in Serra do Acor

I stayed at Alfredo’s place for 10 days in the South of Portugal and then, as planned, moved onto my next host. I learnt so much in those 10 days and met some great people. I learnt a bit of Portuguese (and Dutch!), how to look after chickens, a bit about the ins and outs […]