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The ‘orca’ of Portugal

This post title is deliberately misleading, sorry! When travelling along the road near the town of Carregal do Sal there is a large wooden billboard that alludes to a nearby ‘point of interest’, specifically one that refers to the ‘Orca de Santo Tisco’. When passing it I would think ‘What? Killer whales in Portugal?!’ and […]


Wayhey, she’s back in Portugal!

Hey folks! Well, I’m back in Portugal and now the fun begins! Or not! It’s been raining on and off since I got here and I think I might’ve just heard thunder. I think it’s actually colder than England at the moment, but there’s still plenty to do inside. Here are some random pics of my journey […]


Cycling in Portugal and Jon’s Sunburn

  My parents managed to sneak a couple of mountain bikes into the removal van to Portugal. In the UK, I do quite a bit of cycling, I love it, but I’m pretty useless at it. We have the Great Stour Way on our doorstep where we live near Canterbury and for about three months […]