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Easter Time in Portugal (2015)

Our friend and her daughter brought over a cake

Easter is a time for huge celebrations in Portugal and that is certainly true in the village where my parents live. On Good Friday there were loud bangers (like fireworks but without the prettiness) going off from early morning until very late at night. Poppy parked herself in her favourite position under the kitchen table and considered leaving […]


Portugal 2014 has come to a close

Party in the street

What a year it has been. Mum and Dad are now back in England for the Winter but not a day goes by where they’re not thinking about Portugal and all their friends over there. They packed up the car and left for England on the same day that the roof job came to a finish so […]


A Trip to Aveiro, the Venice of Portugal

On a gondola tour of Aveiro

After Jon and I left Porto we decided to make a fleeting overnight stay in the city of Aveiro, which is on the coast of Central Portugal. Aveiro is dubbed the ‘Venice of Portugal’ due to it’s Venice-like canals, bridges and gondola boats (known as ‘moliceiros’). We arrived at Aveiro train station late in the afternoon on […]


Two Days and Two Nights in Porto

The Dom Luis Bridge

If you enjoy city breaks then you simply cannot skip out on visiting the picture postcard city of Porto. Honestly, I could easily go back there and spend another two or three days just wandering aimlessly and soaking up the atmosphere. My plan was to spend roughly two days exploring the city with my partner Jon and then take […]


Chicken Festival 2014 (Mega Cabidela!)

A fire truck

This Sunday just gone by was the day of the Chicken Festival 2014! That means that it has been a WHOLE year since the last festival AND since I started my blog – wow! The Chicken Festival is a fundraising event for the local bombeiros (firefighters) of the town Cabanas de Viriato, which is situated in the Viseu […]


When life gives you oranges, make orange juice!

Laura cutting oranges in half for squeezing

Our orange tree is in full blossom and heavy with ripe fruit! From about 10am every day you can hear a constant bzzzz of bees as they pollinate the tree. This goes on until around sunset as they bzzzz off back to their little homes. I think it is really important to make the most of a […]