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A Zillion Photos of the Garden in Spring

Gardening photos after the winter

I was going to post about our plans for the year, but it’s a beautiful day here so I went around the garden and snapped a bunch of photos of the garden. This photo below is taken looking towards the atrium. The white flags on the ground are where the bamboo bush used to be. […]


Good riddance to the bamboo bush!

After we removed the bamboo bush

Late last Autumn we finally said good riddance to the bamboo bush: It was a shame to say goodbye because we use the bamboo in the garden to support other growing plants and also give it to our neighbours, but it was simply becoming very hard to maintain/tame. So it had to go! In its place […]


Tidying the garden up a bit

Fungus growing in a dark corner of the garden

We’ve had blue skies and sunshine for the past few days and have been making the absolute most of it outdoors in the garden. This year we decided to clear the corner where the olive tree is and make it into a bit of a veggie patch. We cleared the nettles and the mess, prepared the soil […]


Scrappy shearing, gardening and the generosity of neighbours

Flowers around the well

Once again my heart is warmed by how generous the Portuguese are. Within a day of getting to Portugal my parents had their neighbours popping by and welcoming them back. They brought fruit and veg around, such as these oranges: These were promptly squeezed into orange juice! Mmmm! One of our closest neighbours, Amelia, made a […]


Where does ‘Portugal 2015’ begin?

The car on the driveway with lots of weeds

Hello! It feels like it has been a very very long time since I blogged and it really has been! It’s been nearly 3 months. Last week my parents, Rob and Sue, arrived back to their home in Central Portugal to begin a new year there. As always they took the ferry with their two dogs, […]


Hello Portugal!

A bag of onions and some lettuce from our neighbours as a welcome gift

After 5 months of being in England I am finally back in Portugal! Here are a couple of random photos that I took whilst waiting to board the plane at Gatwick: Once we arrived back at the village we took the dogs out of the car (my parents don’t like to leave them at home for too long) […]