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My Home in Portugal: The Empty Rooms

Upstairs in the attic room, which is now a bedroom

We have lots of empty rooms in the house. I’d say about 5 or 6. They’re the rooms that don’t have a purpose yet or in need of renovation. Let’s take a look: This room is one day going to be our pantry. It’s the room to the right of the ‘Castle Room‘. My mum used […]


Before and After: Come and have a look around My Home in Portugal!

The front door once we cut back all the overgrown greenery

I started writing this post a few days ago but it quickly evolved into an extremely long post that needed splitting. I’ll explain why. We’ve got twenty-two rooms (including bathrooms) that need decorating and furnishing. That’s up to forty-four before and after photos. It’s going to be a mammoth task just to go through photographs and […]


The start of the painting

Mum standing next to the wall before we painted it red

This is the very front of the house. Dad is making a start on it by first scraping the flakey yukky paint off first and then putting on a fresh new coat. In the mean time, Poppy is offering encouragement on the sidelines. This wall is a traditional Portuguese lime mortar finish which needed a […]


Inside was a different story

Inside was a bit unloved as well. This photo is of the hallway coming from the kitchen area (you can see the red and white tiles) and into the main house. You can actually see the cobwebs! This is the ‘Summer Sitting Room’, which is in the oldest part of the house. It had a […]


What we should’ve known before buying our house…

a wasp nest in the corner of the window frame

Putting the garden and swimming pool to one side for a moment, on the inside things were in a much more ‘complicated’ state, shall we say. In Portuguese law when a house is sold it must be sold in a condition that is deemed liveable, which means it must have electricity and running water. But […]