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Portugal 2014 has come to a close

Party in the street

What a year it has been. Mum and Dad are now back in England for the Winter but not a day goes by where they’re not thinking about Portugal and all their friends over there. They packed up the car and left for England on the same day that the roof job came to a finish so […]


Our friends in the village know that we’re back

Return gifts from our neighbours

I love the Portuguese! More and more recently I have caught myself wishing that I lived in Portugal permanently. Despite their economy being a whole lot worse than ours, they are an extremely happy and chilled nation. I’m talking about the Portuguese in the countryside who live off their veggie patches, drive 30 year old cars […]


Ready, steady, go!

Jon with his rucksack on

So last night I had done the majority of my packing but Jon was taking a very chilled out approach to his: He told me that it was going to magically pack itself at some point. Hmm… Ok so everything has been split up and placed into dry bags. Blue is for clothes, dark orange […]


‘When I go to Africa, I’m going to bring…’

Packing for Africa expedition

Two weeks ago I went on a four-day practice expedition around Calais, France. This time I’m doing the ‘real thing’ and going on a three-week venture around South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. I’ve never done anything like this before in my life and I’ve never lived out of a rucksack for so long. We’re going […]


Cycling in Portugal and Jon’s Sunburn

Laura cycling in England

  My parents managed to sneak a couple of mountain bikes into the removal van to Portugal. In the UK, I do quite a bit of cycling, I love it, but I’m pretty useless at it. We have the Great Stour Way on our doorstep where we live near Canterbury and for about three months […]