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The kitchen in the apartment is ready!

The finished kitchen

For the past few months I’ve been living and working in British Columbia, Canada, and deeply neglecting my blog. My folks have been tirelessly slaving away working on the apartment and sending me photographs that have been building up in my e-mail inbox. Whoops! So what’s new? Well, the biggest news is that we finished the apartment […]


The kitchen is now half-finished!

Almost finished painting the kitchen

We’ve hit a great milestone with the new kitchen and the end is almost in sight! The last I wrote about it was that we had assembled the metal partition wall and had begun fixing the plasterboard to it. Since then, we’ve put up all the plasterboard, filled, smoothed, and painted over to create one smooth […]


The Kitchen

the kitchen in 2015 after decorating

This is the kitchen (just incase it wasn’t obvious). No boiler (what did we expect?), no hobs, no cooker, no cupboards, no plug sockets! It was completely bare. This photo was taken on the very first day we arrived at the house in August 2011 – before we had even taken a cloth to the tiles; […]