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Feira da Castanha (Chestnut festival)

A band playing and people dancing

November is a popular month for chestnut festivals across the whole of Portugal. Last Saturday I went with Nuno to a chestnut festival in the nearby village of Soito, Serra do Açor. When we turned up there was a heap of straw ablaze on the street cobbles, an accordion playing and people dancing together. What an […]


The day of the Chicken Festival (Mega Cabidela!)

One of the old fire trucks at the chicken festival

On the 9th of June 2013 my parents attended a ‘mega cabidela’ festival in the town of Cabanas de Virato, which is the town where the war hero Mendes was born and grew up. It was a charity event for the Bombeiros, who are volunteer firefighters. Unlike in the UK, in Portugal the firefighters have a […]