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Smartening up the Pool Room

A freshly painted pool house

One of my jobs over the past couple of days has been to smarten up the pool room with a lick of white paint. The walls were just bare concrete, which made that corner of the garden look pretty dark and dingy so it needed the full works doing for a good-looking finish. Here it […]


Back to Pool Basics

After we cleaned the pool, Laura sat on the pool edge

Two years ago we had a pool guy who would look after the pool for us and keep an eye on the pH and chlorine levels. He’d buy in all the chemicals, hoover it, clean it and send us a bill every now and then. My parents were both still at work then and would […]


What happens after you retire?

The finished picture that Mum painted

On one very hot and sunny afternoon last weekend, both Mum and Dad had a little tipple too much over lunch. This was the result! Dare I say, it’s a few tubes of paint thrown at a white canvas. I think I can see a bird…


Before and After: Come and have a look around My Home in Portugal!

The front door once we cut back all the overgrown greenery

I started writing this post a few days ago but it quickly evolved into an extremely long post that needed splitting. I’ll explain why. We’ve got twenty-two rooms (including bathrooms) that need decorating and furnishing. That’s up to forty-four before and after photos. It’s going to be a mammoth task just to go through photographs and […]


Final coat finished!

The final coat of blue paint is on the swimming pool

And we’re done! The pool is finished! It took hours of sweeping, hours of painting, and then a day of waiting for the first coat to dry and the cement work on the hole to set before putting another coat on. But we made it. Yes, we made it! But oh wait, doesn’t a pool […]


Dad and the Scaffolding (Don’t try this at home)

Dad on the scaffolding scraping off old paintwork

On both the side and the front of the house there are cracks that need filling prior to painting. But how do we reach them? Mum’s idea was hanging out the side of the bedroom window and hoping that you wouldn’t fall. We actually measured our arm lengths to see who had the longest reach, […]