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When life gives you oranges, make orange juice!

Our orange tree is in full blossom and heavy with ripe fruit! From about 10am every day you can hear a constant bzzzz of bees as they pollinate the tree. This goes on until around sunset as they bzzzz off back to their little homes. I think it is really important to make the most of a […]


They’re back!

The folks are back in Portugal! They’re so pleased to be back ‘home’ and I’m pleased because now I have something to write about! They took Brittany Ferries’ Cap Finistère from Portsmouth to Santander and then drove through Spain and into Portugal. They docked earlier than expected so they made really good time getting to the […]


Video: Poppy and one of her favourite past-times

This was one of those times where it seemed like a good idea at the time… until Poppy fell in. Poppy is perhaps one of the only dogs that I know of that does not know how to swim. She sinks. She doesn’t even try and doggie paddle, she just sinks with the look of […]