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Scrappy shearing, gardening and the generosity of neighbours

Once again my heart is warmed by how generous the Portuguese are. Within a day of getting to Portugal my parents had their neighbours popping by and welcoming them back. They brought fruit and veg around, such as these oranges: These were promptly squeezed into orange juice! Mmmm! One of our closest neighbours, Amelia, made a […]


They’re back!

The folks are back in Portugal! They’re so pleased to be back ‘home’ and I’m pleased because now I have something to write about! They took Brittany Ferries’ Cap Finistère from Portsmouth to Santander and then drove through Spain and into Portugal. They docked earlier than expected so they made really good time getting to the […]


Scrappy and his balloons, “timbbbeeerr!!” and the new wood burner

I was wracking my brain over what to write during the in-between months that my folks were back in the UK and I ended up finding a handful of photos. They didn’t quite warrant a blog post by themselves but I could probably justify a blog post with them all thrown in. Why not, she […]