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Some Big News and Upcoming Plans

The blocks we will use to put steps into the swimming pool

The main project last year was the conversion of the old part of the house into an apartment. It was a huge undertaking as we repurposed rooms and fitted both a kitchen and bathroom from scratch. By mid-summer last year it was complete enough for friends and family to come and stay and let us know […]


Fitting the ‘runway’ lights

The new runway lights fitted

I’m visiting my parents for a few weeks and helping them with jobs around the house. There is always something that needs doing. One of the jobs we set out to do in the Spring was to fit lights on the wall surrounding the pool. We dubbed them the ‘runway’ lights quite early on, as during […]


Smartening up the Pool Room

A freshly painted pool house

One of my jobs over the past couple of days has been to smarten up the pool room with a lick of white paint. The walls were just bare concrete, which made that corner of the garden look pretty dark and dingy so it needed the full works doing for a good-looking finish. Here it […]


Back to Pool Basics

After we cleaned the pool, Laura sat on the pool edge

Two years ago we had a pool guy who would look after the pool for us and keep an eye on the pH and chlorine levels. He’d buy in all the chemicals, hoover it, clean it and send us a bill every now and then. My parents were both still at work then and would […]


Video: Poppy and one of her favourite past-times

Poppy the Border Collie sat by the swimming pool

This was one of those times where it seemed like a good idea at the time… until Poppy fell in. Poppy is perhaps one of the only dogs that I know of that does not know how to swim. She sinks. She doesn’t even try and doggie paddle, she just sinks with the look of […]


Lunch with the Fidalgo Family

Eating lunch around the table

My parents recently had the Fidalgo family around for lunch. Do you remember the article about how we swapped 20 bamboo poles for 16 eggs and 3 batches of lettuce? Amelia has quickly become a good friend and on a weekly basis supplies my parents with all sorts of amazing foods from her garden, including tomatoes, […]