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Flying high in the Sky Garden

Laura, Jon and Alex at the Sky Gardens

Last week we went to the Sky Garden in Coimbra, Central Portugal. We spent about 3 hours climbing trees and flying around on zip lines before having a little wander around the University city of Coimbra. We’ve been there a few times now, so here is a mix of photos of our trip to the […]


Portugal 2014 has come to a close

Party in the street

What a year it has been. Mum and Dad are now back in England for the Winter but not a day goes by where they’re not thinking about Portugal and all their friends over there. They packed up the car and left for England on the same day that the roof job came to a finish so […]


Hello Portugal!

A bag of onions and some lettuce from our neighbours as a welcome gift

After 5 months of being in England I am finally back in Portugal! Here are a couple of random photos that I took whilst waiting to board the plane at Gatwick: Once we arrived back at the village we took the dogs out of the car (my parents don’t like to leave them at home for too long) […]


The budget of a WWOOFer

A photo of euros

Lets talk about money. Before my WWOOFing adventure I thought hard about how much money I should bring with me. I would be going for approximately 23 days. The bulk of my expenditure was going to go on travel (i.e. buses, train fare etc.) and the rest of it would go on small purchases that I […]


Why aren’t the folks back in Portugal yet? Because they’re in South Korea!

The family eating Korean food

My parents are crazy. Dad recently had a heart attack and Mum is recovering from a serious operation (they’re both okay, don’t worry), but less than a week after my Dad came home from hospital they both hopped on a plane and flew to South Korea to see my brother, Alex. If anybody is wondering, […]


Torre: the highest peak in Portugal

The Torre on top of the Serra da Estrela mountain range in Portugal

In August 2012 when Jon and I were holidaying in Portugal we decided to go for a little drive. The plan was to go to the picturesque town of Manteigas for a short walk in the Serra da Estrela (Estrela mountains), followed by short half an hour trip to the highest peak in Portugal. Torre, […]