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My Amazing WWOOFing Trip to the Açores (Part 2)

Laura posing with the highest peak on the island of Sao Miguel behind her

This article continues on from My Amazing WWOOFing Trip to the Açores (Part 1). Did I mention that I did a hell of a lot of walking? Weather dependent, I must’ve walked near enough 15km a day. I was lucky that the place I was staying was a stone’s throw away from one of the most famous landmarks […]


Trip to the Açores (Part 1)

The coastline on the island of Sao Miguel

About two weeks ago I returned back to England following my two-week trip to the subtopical Açores archipelago. I stayed on the largest of the nine islands, São Miguel, which is only 62km in length and 16km wide. The islands are part of Portugal but they are roughly 1, 360km (850 miles) off its coast in the middle […]


The budget of a WWOOFer

A photo of euros

Lets talk about money. Before my WWOOFing adventure I thought hard about how much money I should bring with me. I would be going for approximately 23 days. The bulk of my expenditure was going to go on travel (i.e. buses, train fare etc.) and the rest of it would go on small purchases that I […]


Feira da Castanha (Chestnut festival)

A band playing and people dancing

November is a popular month for chestnut festivals across the whole of Portugal. Last Saturday I went with Nuno to a chestnut festival in the nearby village of Soito, Serra do Açor. When we turned up there was a heap of straw ablaze on the street cobbles, an accordion playing and people dancing together. What an […]


Working in the valley

A salamander on my hand

Nuno, my host, owns a large plot of land in a valley near the centre of the Serra do Açor. He wants gradually develop it into a glamping site which, for those that don’t know, is glamorous camping in tipis, bell tents, wigwams, or yurts. Nuno’s site is very beautiful. He has about six waterfalls […]


Off into the mountains I go

A town in Serra do Acor

I stayed at Alfredo’s place for 10 days in the South of Portugal and then, as planned, moved onto my next host. I learnt so much in those 10 days and met some great people. I learnt a bit of Portuguese (and Dutch!), how to look after chickens, a bit about the ins and outs […]