The beginnings of the swimming pool

When we arrived at the house on the 27th August 2011 the swimming pool had been left empty and uncovered since 2009, and so it had at least two years worth of rain water, grime and dead rats (I’m not joking). We enlisted two of our friends, Will and Gill, and their two dogs Brock and Bella to help out. They have been living in Portugal for a number of years and acted as sub-agents when we purchased the house.

Will in the pool. He was the first of us to ‘swim’ in it!

Without any pool equipment we had to pump the water out of the pool ‘the old fashioned way’, which is where Will came into his stride with the water pump. It took several hours but by the end of it we had an empty pool that we could work with. Gill brought over her array of gardening tools that we used to wage war against the unruly garden.

No pool ladders!

As you can see from the photos the pool was very ‘basic’. We had no pool equipment to pump the water, no chemicals and we didn’t even have any ladders to get in and out. This was going to be quite the project.

Excuse the thumb!

Here it is today after being cleaned, painted and refilled:

The Swimming Pool

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