Lets talk about money. Before my WWOOFing adventure I thought hard about how much money I should bring with me. I would be going for approximately 23 days. The bulk of my expenditure was going to go on travel (i.e. buses, train fare etc.) and the rest of it would go on small purchases that I could probably do without (beer and chocolate). I decided on the magical number of €100 (which was about £90 on the day I exchanged the money). I also had an ’emergency fund’ of €50 just in case everything went to pot and I needed to escape. Here was the rough breakdown on what I spent:

€2 bus fare to Faro train station
€3 lunch waiting for the train at Faro station
€3 bar of chocolate and Dutch waffles (stroopwafel) (I couldn’t resist)
€13 lunch in Azenha do Mar
€40 train ticket from Funcheira to Coimbra station (south of Portugal to the central)
€5 bus fare to village near Serra do Açor
€4 in café stops
€8 for a pair of wellies
€4 in postcards and stamps
€3 pizza
€5 on alcoholic beverages (oops)

TOTAL: €90

I have exactly €10 left, which will go towards Christmas presents.

What else? 

There’s more to it, though! I spent £35 on the flight over and £30 on travel insurance. I was considering not getting travel insurance but then I googled it and everywhere basically said that if you die, break a leg, lose your laptop etc. then you’re in big trouble (or your family are!) without insurance. I used WorldNomads.com, which had great reviews all round. Better safe than sorry, eh?

Then there was the train fare to Gatwick airport, which was £13. I also had a very early flight to Faro so I even booked a cheap hotel so I could get the train up the night before, which cost me £32. All in all, my trip cost me roughly £200. 

In the UK I can easily spend over £300 a month on normal day-to-day living and yet with £200 I’ve managed to travel around a foreign country, meet people that I never would have ever encountered, eaten food that I’ve never eaten, spoke a different language and felt truly independent and inspired. I took a bus just outside Penacova and that was exactly what was on my mind. I was independent, surrounded by a bunch of strangers and being drive by a crazy Portuguese man on his mobile phone, but I was honestly happy and free.

What would I do differently if I went WWOOFing again? 

Not a lot! I indulged in a lot of home comforts: beer, wine, coffee, tea, pizza, eating out and chocolate, which really ate (pun intended) into my budget. I could’ve been more frugal with my money and saved something like €30, but I think that would’ve taken the fun out of it.

The €40 train fare up to Central Portugal put a huge dent in my budget that I wasn’t expecting. I could’ve saved money by staying with WWOOF hosts in the same or neighbouring regions or stuck to slow transportation, such as buses, which are cheap in Portugal. If I go on another WWOOFing adventure, maybe even to a different country, I would look in advance as to what train/bus fares would be.

Would I do it again?

Absolutely! I might even write a post about why :)

About Laura

About Laura

Laura Bailey is the owner of My Home in Portugal and has been blogging since 2013.

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About Laura

About Laura

Laura Bailey is the owner of My Home in Portugal and has been blogging since 2013.

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2 Responses

  1. Good tips. I just want to add that WWOOFing is fantastic. This was one of my best parts of vitniisg New Zealand. If I had more time in NZ I think I’d travel my way round by WWOOFing. I met great people, learnt loads, ate better than ever, relaxed and then re-energised, visited some great little local places and felt truly inspired after the experience. I’d add that it’s nice to bring a small gift for the hosts and then pick their brains on the good local things to see (e.g the best swimming holes that you wouldn’t otherwise find).Looking forward to reading more posts, cheers Christina :0)

    1. Hey Aldo! Thank you for commenting. It’s great to hear that you had a similar experience to me. I’ve never been as far as NZ but it’s definitely a place that I would love to visit. You’re right about a gift, on my first trip I brought a pack of seeds from my home county and for my second trip I brought along baby money tree (carrying that around was a nightmare!). Did you find my article about WWOOFing trip to the Azores?

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