The first few days back

My folks spent their first few days at the house just clearing away the cobwebs and trying to warm it up. Houses in this area tend to be made of granite and they can take many days to warm up after being left unheated for several months.

The jasmine and tangerine trees are in full bloom but the other trees are waiting for the summer. The fig tree, which is my Dad’s favourite, had a bit of a haircut (to say the least) last year and it is still recovering.

photo (80)

photo (81)

The driveway had taken on a mind of it’s own and needed a bit of weeding:

photo (82)

Afterwards my folks introduced some new plants to brighten up the garden. They didn’t have plants in the past because of the issue of watering them in the Winter months, but there’s a plan to stick around a bit longer this year – perhaps! Mum initially got two orchids but because they were so pretty she went back for a third: 

photo (79)

photo (79) copyI’m now putting together a to-do list for 2014 that we will be sharing sooon! Until then, my folks are enjoying temperatures in the mid-30s and living their dream. 

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