The hole in the pool

A closer look at the hole in the swimming pool

The weather is starting to get very hot so it is time to get the pool up and running. Except, we have a HOLE! On a weekly basis last year we had to top up the water in the pool because water kept escaping from an unknown point. Now we have located the hole it is a matter of how the heck we fill it and prevent it from forming again.

There will be another post about how we managed to fill the hole (we had to consult another technician) and we will go into much more detail about painting pools in general – how exciting! In the end there were about three or four holes in the pool, which was a big surprise.

As you can see from the photo the pool walls and floor are quite stained and in need of a fresh coat. When it came to painting the pool it turned out that the original owners had only put on one coat as the paint easily peeled away. Our plan was to paint two coats and it would keep the pool in great condition for at least three years.

The cover over the top is our debis cover, which just prevents leaves and yuk from dropping in while it is empty or unused over the winter. We’ve got two covers – one for the summer when the pool will be in regular use and the debris cover here to protect it in the winter. The debris cover actually bolts in place but the summer cover just throws on and floats on top.

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